Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hi~ it's past midnight so MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Hope everyone has a wonderful time, enjoying good company and eating good food
(just not so much that you will feel sick ^^)

This is what it looked like here last year at christmas
This year the little snow we actually had a few days ago just melted away :/

I'm still hoping it will be snowing when I wake up tomorrow, well... today, you never know!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Random photopost Oct/ Nov

Hello, I can’t believe it’s less than a week til Christmas! Crazy
Where did all the time go?

First of all, my stupid photoshop CS3 decided to stop working, so I had to go back to elements, hope my brother can help me get the regular one back because I can’t find anything in E…

Here's some picture from late october/ early november~

First of is a few photos from an assignment in school about sharpness/ blur 

Then some outfit pictures, oh how I wish I was more photogenic XD always get so awkward in front of the camera…

lol look at my little alien friend aka my shadow! haha cute 8)

And a jacket I was going to make before Berlin… because I knew we would go up early to queue in the freezing cold, did not finish it in time though! :S and now I can't find the inspiration to finish it

For the first time in years I bought a pair of shoes that’s not black! Progress! And the skull was for another project in school, it will get an entire entry for itself though~

One thing I’ve totally forgotten to blog about is my new cat! Got him about a month and a half ago? This is what it looks like when we’re eating ^__^ The new one on the left, Lucifer (named after a SHINee song, because I didn’t think Mirotic would be a suitable name for a cat haha) and Daisy on the right.

Ok I don’t want to upload too many pictures at once, so this is enough for now ^^, I decided to start my 366 project a little early, in 2012 I’m planning on (at least trying) to take pictures everyday, to get to know my system camera I’ve had for several years a little better, and to start taking better pictures. It was going well for about a week, then I forgot about it for a few days, but now I’m back on track again so there should be more photos posted here from now on (I’m not going to upload all of them here though, just a few of them).

Jepp, and that's it for now!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas Wrapping

Hello it's been a while... again ^^'
The time is just running away from me recently, so much to do, and so much to prepare~ 

I'm slowly getting the christmas feeling, this monday we got the first snow! <3 love it~ 
Well... until I realized I had to take the bike to the bus for three days in this weather, I was about to fall down so many times, scary scary D; 

Anyway enough of that now! What I was going to post this time is christmas giftwrapping ideas! I was searching for it the other day and found these gourgeous ones: =)

Aren't they lovely? I especially like the first two, but then again I'm a sucker for lace haha

I have to hunt down some brown giftwrapping paper, 
I do have a lot of lace at home... but I don't know if I'll be able to part from it... I have to find some "ugly " lace or very small pieces I can spare ^__^'

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Dress me up in paintings

Wearing a piece of art on your body, doesn't that sound fantastic?

Here are some pieces of clothing with art dispayed on them, I truly wish I could have them all~~~

Juliette et Justine - amour d'amants
WOW just wow... One day this will be mine 
*dreaming of how to put together an outfit with this*

Elie Saab
Romantic or what? ^^

Don't know where this corset is from, but I love that painting~

Louise Black corset

Vivienne Westwood - Rubens dress

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

JYJ concert in Berlin, a Short Journey part 1

Ok, so I’m going to divide this into two, maybe three parts, and the first one is about the journey to Berlin!~

Well to be honest it didn’t start that well for me, I was going to take an early bus to the train just to be sure I didn’t miss it, but once I came to the busstation I had just missed one with 10 min, the one I was planning on taking didn’t go and I ended up having to wait out alone in the cold an entire hour before I could take the next one… yeah I wasn’t that happy at the moment… :S
I made it well in time to the trainstation though, and met up with two friends and wo took the train to Malmö to sleep at another friend house. Of course she was also going so we ended up spazzing before we went to sleep (what sleep?) and then it was up early to go down to the station at triangeln (triangle~ lol) where we met up with her friend and then the five of us took  the train down to Kopenhagen. 

 At the airport

Fortunately everything was on time this day and we departed from the airport at 9.10 for about an hour in the air. Now I’m not that keen on flying, I hate the feeling of not having any control at all, but if I can keep all the thoughts of what MIGHT happen away from my mind, then it’s pretty ok, except for when the plane take of, I don’t think I will ever get used to that isch~ 
We then made our way into Berlin and the hostel we had choosen was just a few 100 meters away from Alexanderplatz… except… we couldn’t find it.
We couldn’t even find the street in real life, only on the map, it was soooo frustrating! We ended up asking a bunch of people and taking a big detour until we finally stumbled over the street, but still no hostel!
Turned out it was kind of hidden, if you were standing in one place it was impossible to see, take three steps to the side and there it was! They really should make their signs bigger! We were cheering while going in there to leave our luggage and then head out to hunt for food. We found a place and once again became happy fangirls with our tummies full. 

The ceiling at the restaurant, so cozy^^ 

In the afternoon there were going to be a fenmeet in Potsdam and there would be white lightsticks handed out for the In Heaven fanproject for the concert, we were a bit late though and didn’t get a lightstick, but no worry there would be people handing them out on the day of the concert too so there was still a chance to get one~
Since the arena Tempodrom was near to Potsdam we decided to go there and take a look before heading back to the hostel, it was only a short walk and it was quite beautiful going there at night seeing the Tempodrom lit up. 

People were already queuing outside by then. Only three people in line for the normal tickets, and about 20-30 people at the super vip/ vip line D: We decided we needed to be there early in the morning! Headed back to the hostel and by chance a Korean reporter were staying at the same place as us, and she had heard we were going to the concert so she asked us a few questions, it was a  nice talk but man I was so tired by then I could barely stay awake. 

 Back in the hostel, my camera is the best~ not

Of course once in bed I couldn’t sleep at all and all of a sudden the clock had turned 3 and were were up, preparing to go down to Tempodrom once again~
When I think back at it now it was actually kind of cozy, getting there in the dark, cuddling together on the stairs surrounded by other fans, watching the sun get up 

 (rising suuun)

and going to get hot tea and thinking that soon, soon I would be close to JYJ for the first time.  That wasn’t really what I was feeling at the time though, freezing as it was, dark and cold and I cursed that I didn’t bring a sleeping bag or at least a blanket or something. The ticket stand was supposed to open at 10, and everyone got up and stood in line at around 9, but it wans't until around 11 they finally opened it, and because of all the upgrade tickets and stuff I don’t think we got our tickets until 1 or 2 o’clock! Once I got my ticket in my hand I was practically running away from the line celebrating, then I remembered I had to wait for the others too lol~ ^^’ 

A little bit of the two lines
It was so totally freaking worth waiting in line, I got 5th row! HELL YES! With the amount of people in front of me I was expecting like the last row of svip, so it was an awesome surprise *tears of joy*
We decided to grab something to eat, get back to the hostel to rest a little bit and were back at Tempodrom at ~5-6, once again they were a bit late in schedule, but it was ok. They were letting a few people in at a time and I got stopped in the door, I kinda freaked out because as usual they said cameras was highly forbidden, and I though this is it DX but he barely looked at my purse so (phew). 

Ok I think that’s enough for one part keke, stopping right before the concert starts, shame on me ;) there’s so much to write about though~

Friday, 11 November 2011

I'm back!

Hi I'm back from Berlin now! Or actually I came back on tuesday, I had a wonderful time! There were some misshapps, but the concert was awesome!!! I have a bunch of pictures to show, and I'm writing a fanaccount. It's in Swedish though so either I just try and  translate it, or I take out the best parts to tell~(But I want to tell you everything! ;D)

(not my pic but it's from the concert)
OMO look at JJ's arm! DAMN! XD

Looking through my posts here I realize there's been a lot of talk about JYJ/ TVXQ but not so much about lolita or sewing, I have to add those too! I haven't had much time for sewing though, and haven't been wearing much lolita either later... I just haven't felt like wearing it, or haven't found a good occation doing so. I dunno, I guess everyone who wears it knows what I'm talking about when I mention things like how people always stare even when you're in casual, how it can get in the way at times, get too hot, be uncomfortable etc. Winter is approaching now and I love weraing it in winter so expect it more frequent from now on~ ^^ I just love how you can play with layers and still have the gorgeous shilouette. 
Enough of rambling now!

Oh and also congrats to BIG BANG for winning MTV Worldwide act!Let's spread the kpop wave <3

Friday, 4 November 2011

to berlin

This sunday is the time for the concert! 
I feel sick with anticipation but I'm looking forward to it soo much!
There'll be tons of pictures to post later too ;D 

But now I really have to pack! :S

Monday, 24 October 2011


I spent some time with a friend last week, and for once I had my camera with me~ 
We looked at some JYJ stuff, and I had to take some pictures of her 3Voices II photobook 

 Ahh, JaeChun aka Soulmate couple <3

So cute ^__^

I couldn't sleep the other night so I sat down and made this... 
It was really nice to just make something just like that


I found some old necklaces I'd done, but look at that terrible chain ^^' had to remake that...

The necklace, the chain became much shorter now though

And here's another one, I used the silver chain temporarily because I couldn't find a good black one at first

Now it looks much better :)

I think it's time for me to take a good look at my closet and my other jewellery
and do a little more remake and update on some of them~

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Keep Your Head Down In Heaven

I recieved a package yesterday that I've been waiting for forever (it feels like ^__~). 

TVXQ - Keep Your Head Down repackage ver. and JYJ - In Heaven 

ahhhh both are so beautiful!


A few of my favorite cards from KYHD
I wish I had enough room on a wall in my room so I could put them there, it would look really cool 

And I just couldn't resist this, it's Jaejoongs Heart Devil bracelet~
I wasn't relly expecting much though since it's just a cheap replica, but it really has a nice weight to it and looks awesome, and it's so big! I love it. Now I just have to get used to wearing bracelets X'D