Sunday, 18 September 2011

Busy week and a new dress

Busy weeks lay ahead and behind me, last week I spent three days at university and the time in between that I spent with my nose in some books for my fashion and interior course. It’s interesting but man so much to read every week, and by Wednesday next week I’m supposed to have read 80 pages in a book I’ve ordered but it hasn’t come yet… D: 

Anyway then I spent two days working and on Saturday I met up with my cousin to take her measurements for her prom and graduation dresses. I’m flattered she thinks I’m good enough to be making them but worried they won’t turn out the way she wants them to~ Well I have several months to be making them so first up is to make the patterns and the toiles.
We also looked at some fabric samples

Later in the evening I went to a birthday party and decided to wear my newest dress, one of my dreamdresses I got that same week; Antique Pansy ^___^ it’s so freaking pretty, now I need to make some matching accessories too.
The picture was taken in a bit of a hurry x) and I think I need to buy some shoes that's not black haha! But black shoes seems to be calling out my name everytime I walk past them in stores... 

So that was last week, and this week was pretty much the same, busy busy busy. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

OMFG Get Ready!

I'm so happy! Finally finally JYJ came out with some dates for their European tour in Spain and Germany~!
Waaah I'm definitely going to the one in Berlin!!! November come sooner!

I'm going to see Jaejoong T___T