Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Get me that fawn~

Like a lot of other lolitas I’ve had the fawn crazies for a while now (2 years?) and thus got ecstatic when I heard H&M were selling fawn collars this winter! 
So I bought two of them, one to use as it is because it fits so well with my current pink lolita winter coat, and one to give a more classic look to. 
I decided to put some ribbon and lace on, and going through my stash of ribbons I found this really beautiful one in an almost greyish lavender tone. 

The problem was I needed it to be about twice the width it was, I even took at trip to two fabric stores to find the exact same ribbon only wider, and I just couldn’t find it )=. So me being me I sat down and sow the ribbon together to get the right size, a bit more work but I was determined to have this exact shade :3. 

In the end it came out like I wanted it to^^ now I just need to make a matching coat again XD

Too bad it's getting too hot to be wearing this now.... 
but there's always next winter :)

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Perfect Gold

I’m trying to get back to updating here at least once a week, let’s see how it goes~ :3

Here’s me back in February, ready to meet my fathers side of the family for dinner^^

And then a few days later I met the other side of the family to celebrate my grandmothers birthday, it felt like spring was on its way so I chose to dress in light colours.

I’d been working on some accessories to go with my Antique Pansy dress: this rosary and a dolly kei inspired headdress, I’m going to make so much more of these flower headdresses, they’re just so cute and elegant and looks good in any coordinate regardless of season^^

The present and card I gave to granny~