Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A months supply of tea

Hello dears!
Gosh it’s been more than a month since last update… 
*hides under a rock in shame…*
I’ll get better, and on the upside now I have a bunch of things to write about~  ^^’

Some time ago my mother, sister and her kids decided to go to a café in the middle of nowhere to buy a months supply of tea. On our way to my sis my mother and I stopped by the book-sale to take a look, I found a really cheap (and with a very cute cover) copy of Gone with the wind:

A book how you make your own zombies (they're all so cute!)

And a book about interior design, look at that egg-shaped globe *__*

The blue saloon at the Swedish china castle

At my sisters place I had some time to do a puzzle with my niece, it didn’t come out the way it was supposed to though… ^^’ 

And finally at the café, oh I’m getting cravings for this just looking at the pictures again… nom nom nom

Til' next time =)