Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Bermuda Time Light Warrior

Hi there~

Recently I've stumbled upon some new music and I wanted to share some^^

First about a month ago I heard that Florence + the machine had come out with a new album (LOL I had no idea :S) I was a bit disappointed since some of the songs felt very plain... but then there are some that I immediately fell in love with. 

Florence + the machine - No Light, No Light

Florence + the machine - Spectrum

I just love her haunting voice~

I also found out the lead singer in Deftones, Chino Moreno, started a side project, Crosses †††. If you like Deftones you'll love crosses, and if you haven't heard either before, now is the time :)

Crosses ††† - Bermuda Locke†
Chino has this I'm not sure if husky is the right word, but deep sexy voice is the best I can describe it as~

LEDApple is a korean band I'd never heard of before, but after getting hooked on one song I had to find out more about them, they debuted in 2010 but have already have 4 members drop out for various reasons which is a bit sad, but on the other hand the lineup now is amazing so I hope they will stay the way they are now :S

LEDApple - Time is Up
This will surely get stuck in your head, but in a good way ^^ it's a nice MV too. 

And I just have to throw this 3min interview in here too, it's just so funny ;) 
Hanbyul with his aussie accent, cute hamster face and the funniest Michael Jackson impression ever!

Last is newly debuted B.A.P. I first heard about the member Bang Yong Guk when he came out with I Remember and Going Crazy, two collaborations he made before B.A.P's debut, and honestly I was kinda hoping he would continue to go solo and make one awesome collaboration after another, because damn his voice... it's so deep it blew my mind!
But OK I can't deny the awesomeness that is B.A.P though =^_^=

Bang Yong Guk feat. Yoseob - I Remember
Awesome vocals, the song is so powerful and the MV so freaking sad...

B.A.P's debut song, dang~ 
Still can't belive Zelo's only 15years old (what did I do when I was 15??) making everyone born before -96 into a pervy noona... X'D

I hope you enjoyed it ^__^ 

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

When cameramen need to learn a thing or two from fangirls...

Picking up from where I left of last time:

The day after my friends birthday celebration I went down to Malmo to see JYJ’s Worldwide Concert in Seoul DVD with some friends, man it was so good, and made me think back on their concert last November (pictures will come some time, I have to choose a few and edit them first though!). 

I just have a little bit of a complain when it comes to the way the cameramen worked the cameras…
They were showing the audience a bit too much, and zooming out on the fireworks during Mission instead of JYJ when they were ripping off their coats?? TWICE!? 
Unforgivable I tell you! D:

 Cute Yoochun during one of his solos. 

 During the MC

 LOL they were showing their pictures from twitter~
And having major trouble with the display-thingy haha

My nails! 
Every now and then I get obsessed with studs and just want to put them on everything I own, 
I need to buy some cone spikes to make one of those headbands that's become so popular now!

Anyway I love this multi-angle thing the dvd had; one dvd with just Jaejoong, one with Junsu, one with Yoochun, it's so funny when one of the others are singing or talking and the one with the camera on him is just like, miming or making a funny face^__^ (Chunface, always)
And getting a good view of Jaejoong failing at rolling his hips during Be my girl ;D

Some days later I found the inspiration to start decorating one of the hatboxes I found at the christmas sale

One down, three to go!
I really wanted to put some paper roses on top, but since hatboxes are made for stacking the decorations had to be flat... 

Now I need some more inspiration for the ones left~ 

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Flying horses and some other stuff~

Gosh sorry it’s been a while since I updated here ^^’
Wish I could say I’ve been super busy with something super important and time consuming… but that wouldn’t be entirely true haha~

Anyway here’s some catch-up pictures beginning from three weeks ago:

We got so much snow *__* it’s still here, but has fallen from the trees now…

That weekend a friend celebrated her birthday so I made her a necklace (and the box I put it in) =D

I feel a bit guilty since I haven’t been sewing much lately. I had to force myself to take a t-shirt I bough more than a month ago that I had to alter, and sit down and start ripping it apart and sew it together again.

They didn’t have it in my size but I wanted it so badly I bought it anyway, figured I might as well make it into a long shirt/ short dress~

And the reason why I wanted it so badly? (Beside the fact that it has a flying horse on it ;P)
Jaejoong was wearing one on his fanmeet in Shanghai last December ~^_^~
First thing I thought when I saw pictures from the fanmeet; damn he looks so f***ing good! And damn that shirt is awesome keke~

HAHA look at him being all adorable and handsome...

There was a segment where he was handing out flowers to the audience

Funny how I manage to include something TVXQ/ JYJ/ Jaejoong related pretty much every post here ^__^'

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Rhinoceros and a cold...

I’ll hopefully make an update about the weekend soon, but first a little movie tip^^. I managed to catch a cold last weekend so I’ve spend a lot of time in bed these last days watching movies, dramas etc.
One of them was the Japanese horror movie Kokuhaku (Confessions)

It’s about a teacher whose students killed her little daughter, and now she’s after revenge, the story unveils by different peoples confessions. It’s quite a brilliant but twisted and brutal story, what blew me away is how beautifully made it is, some (a lot) of scenes are absolutely breathtaking, I can really recommend it. 
(Maybe I should add that there are some bloody scenes in it though).

I also watched an episode of the Korean variety show Running Man (the one with Yunho and Changmin), it’s a show where celebrities play different games in teams. One of the games this time was the one when one person has to draw a word, then another one in the team sees the drawing and has to draw his version and so on and so on until the last person has to guess what it is on the last drawing, I was laughing so hard at this that I was crying! Yunho's rhinoceros is so cute (and looks nothing like a rhinoceros XD) and Changmin's tiger looks very much like a bear instead haha~ 

I think they have different themes each time, this time it was phantom of the opera
but don't they look more like vampires here? ;D
Drackumin and Yunhola? 
LOL sorry, maybe I'm too tired to be making this post haha~ 

the last drawing is supposed to be Yunho's rhinoceros... yah I can't really see it, to me it looks more like a french caterpillar 
The one on top is Joong Ki's last version, now it looks more like a monkey haha, I don't think his artlessons made much of a difference =P   

 And Changmin's tiger^^' 

Ok it’s funnier to watch than to read about, but I was about to die laughing again when the entire group was going to dance the SNSD- Gee dance, to ABBAs Mamma Mia song, and then do some acrobatics at the end