Sunday, 29 July 2012

Where did this summer go?

Hello dear readers! 
I hope you’re enjoying the summer, wherever, and however you’re spending it. After more than a month with nothing but rain we finally had a few days of sun here! Not that I could enjoy it for more than a day though, I’ve been busy working the entire summer. 
On top of that one of my co-workers got sick so I had to step up doing more chores at work and taking more hours (the last thing is a good thing though, I desperately need money~). 

Oh, and I got accepted at the school in Stockholm I had an interview with! 
I’m getting so nervous now… still so much to fix before it starts, I should stop procrastinating :S

To add a few pictures to this post: here’s a few from my familys annual get together~

I was going for something summerish, but ended up in all black/ dark blue… 
ah well at least I’m wearing shorts haha.

And the food!!!! 
Curry almonds, SO. FREAKING. GOOD! 
Must make this myself. I honestly have no idea how I will survive in Stockholm, I absolutely hate cooking… what do you think, maybe I can live on curry almonds? ;)    

Monday, 2 July 2012

Outfit post!

Hi guys,
it's been a while since I uploaded any outfit pictures so here's a few from March/ April~

 *blank stare*

I love these tights, they're so cute but unfortunately they brake pretty easy :(

 lol I am actually wearing shorts underneath this~

As you can see I've practically been living in that pink, and the black cardigan, they're just so comfortable. The shoes too, I'm getting too lazy to wear heels! :S