Sunday, 11 March 2012

Update; Birthday

I’m more than a month behind in updating, so sorry!

So I celebrated my birthday about five weeks ago, I was still sick then so there was only a small family gathering but it was nice.

Here’s some of the stuff I got:

 I remember the first time I saw platform sneakers, I thought they were so ugly! It didn’t take long until I started to love them though, and these rainbow coloured ones are lovely!

I also got some scrapbooking things, this glass jar and some of the roses inside of it (not all of them) unfortunately the jar got knocked over some days later and broke D:
it was pretty while it lasted...

And also the four pastel coloured cups and bowls. Here’s my little collection of kind-of-mismatching cups, I guess this will be a never ending collection~ 

I adore the details like the little err.. wavy edge on the ones with dots, or the tiny pearl row on the edge on the white one *__*

On another note I also decided to start a tumblr some time ago (I think I got addicted..),
it has a little bit of everything; lolita and other street-styles, some random inspiration and pretty things, some other random stuff,  music and k-pop, fangirling over TVXQ/ JYJ and lately B.A.P too... 

If you know any good lolita/ dolly kei/ mori girl tumblrs out there please feel free to tell me^^