Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Muse and Moss

These little moss-jars have been popping up just about everywhere lately, and since it was time to take down the Christmas decorations I decided to make a moss terrarium of my own to replace them with.

I was going to put some cute forest animals inside it, but then I couldn’t find any, so I chose dinosaurs instead! =D They’re cute too so I don’t mind~

It was hard to get any good pictures with the reflections, but can you see the t-rex sneaking around at the back in the second picture? =P

Also, a few days after Christmas I got another late Christmas gift in the mail, it was the Contrived to Charm violin belt! (Or the muse as it's called on her etsy). Oh I’ve been longing for this since I saw it the first time, but then I just kept putting off to buy it… Until my parents said I could order something for myself as a Christmas present since they had no idea what to give me lol~ 

It’s just as beautiful as I thought it would be, the finish looks like real wood, and it certainly gives your outfits that little extra ^^

The cute label, and Yoochun with a squid.

I was so excited when I got it that I had to put together an outfit immediately^^

 My new years eve outfit, I’ve been so exited to pair this dress and belt together!

Now I want to find a cute violin necklace to go with it too~

Sunday, 15 January 2012

~Bonjour Paris diary and worldwide concert~

I had to return the lens I borrowed from school over Christmas break this week, so I took some last minute photos with it~

This years Christmas calendar^^

 lol Jaejoong camwhoring behind Changmin xD

-  -  -  -  -

I also got a late christmas gift I've been dying to have in my hands, JYJ's Worldwide concert in Seoul

We will try and have a small fanmeet soon to watch it all together, 
so I'm trying really really hard not to watch the whole thing in advance...

I just might cave in and look at Mission...

...and then maybe I can't help but watch Jaejoong's Mission version too, because each member have his own DVD with just his angle filmed (a fangirl's heaven!)

I'll try not to though, really try not to... :S 

(Why are they making it so hard!? *puppy eyes*)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

My last days of 2011

Hello, I hope you had a good Christmas and New year's eve^^

Do you guys make new years resolutions? I know some people find them silly (most people break them after just a few days anyway so what’s the point of making them?) but I promise myself to do/ not to do a lot of things all year around so to me it really doesn’t matter if you call it new years resolution or promise or whatever~

For me this year I want to get better at my time management, I waste way to much time in front of the computer or TV and I feel really bad when I think about all the things I could/ should be doing instead...

I want to do more crafting, especially sewing, looking through my sketchbooks I have ideas that are several years old that I still haven’t made :S

And just in general I want to do more stuff that I haven’t done before or that I have been wanting to do for long. The two most memorable things that happened in 2011 was seeing TVXQ and JYJ, it’s been a dream of mine for so long and to finally be able to see them was absolutely amazing and a memory for life^__^

But now, on to the pictures of my last days of 2011:

 I spent a little extra effort on Christmas wrapping this year, I had to try out those lace decorating ideas

 This year I only made one Christmas card, but I really like how it came out :) 

 I read about bokeh, and had to try it out, I’m getting a little sick of the heartshape though, have to make some other shape soon XD

Our Christmas tree 

I got terribly lazy this year and decided not to have a tree in my room… (I also was a bit worried Lucifer might be climbing all over it) so I just took a few branches and put a ribbon on as you can see in the corner of the picture haha

I’m going to tea dye the white dress, but wanted to wear it before I did anything to it. I want to expand my wardrobe to being more dolly kei, and I love the combination between Lolita and dolly kei~
I'm not that terribly good at combining different patterns though so I'm playing it safe here ^^'

On my way into town to take a look at the sale, didn’t find much on sale but bought some hatboxes and an awesome t-shirt, I have to modify it before I can show it here though ;P

I guess another new years resolution would be to post more frequently here, haha again with the time management~