Friday, 24 August 2012

Did I forget to pack something? probably...

Tomorrow I'll be on a train to Stockholm~
I'm getting a bit nervous... haven't really had time to think about it until now. 
I suppose a new adventure is about to start for me, I'm curious what new places, happenings and people it will bring me. 

I'll most likely won't be blogging for a while though 
I'm not even sure when I'll have proper internet connection again T__T
and I don't really feel like blogging from my phone since there are a lot of "old" stuff I'd like to post about here before I start writing about Stockholm. 
On the bright side since I'll have no internet I should have plenty of time to edit all those old photos XD
that is if school-stuff won't take over my entire days...

Anyway if you'd like to see what I'm up to in pictures and not so much writing you can follow me on instagram @WEAREWORLDWIDE
(for personal posts)

or tumblr @empireofroses 
(for kpop, lolita, inspiration etc.)

picture from last week (?), I finally got to it and made one of those flower hair thingy ^^

Til next time!

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