Sunday, 3 June 2012

Recording take 1

Ok I guess I have to admit it… I wasn’t really expecting this but… it’s going to be impossible to hide form now on… I really did become a fangirl of B.A.P 8)

Haha, remember I was feeling so-so when Never give up came out, but one look at Warrior and everything just went downwards after that XD
I ended up caving in and bought their first photobook: Recording take 1 so here’s a few photos from it (first of all it’s gorgeous, and it’s so freaking big!)

Daehyun! He was so quiet in the beginning it was hard to really get to know him but now he seems much more comfortable in front of the camera ^^ and gosh he sings like an angel…

Youngjae (and Daehyun) lol those two boys together! They make me cry of laughter~

Yongguk, I don’t know what to say. I love him. With that crazy sexy deep voice, his killer gummy smile and just plain awesomeness… You just cannot not love him!

Baby Zelo, the maknae, even if I close my eyes and cover my ears I can’t help but to notice how extremely talented that kid is, I don’t want to fall for him, I don’t want to become a peedo noona! D: maybe it’s already too late for that though….

Seems like I didn’t take any pictures of just Himchan and Jongup D:

 The blonde alien army haha~ I kinda miss this haircolour now that they all have different ones~

One of the best things in the choreography in Warrior is the shooting part, when they do it live they shoot a different member/ members, or shoot/ get shot by the backup dancers (so freaking hot!)

I love this picture of Yongguk (his entire face when he’s smiling <3) and Himchan, so cute~

Yongguks 'do not approve' face XD

Since I’m on the topic of B.A.P I might as well throw in a little about their comeback POWER too! GAHHH it’s so awesome! They continued with the in your face warrior theme, their concept is that they are aliens from the planet Mato coming down to earth to create justice and protect the weak ones, and in the POWER MV they have the same strong appearance, with a spaceship in the background and once again some awesome choreography (and I’m not sure if I should call it funny or fierce dance: thinking about the butt slap dance wtf… and the spray can dance, anyway they’re awesome to watch).

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